About Us - Tech Pilot

Our Mission: The ones using AI will replace the ones that don’t.

At Tech Pilot, we are pioneers reshaping business with artificial intelligence. Our mission is to make AI accessible, equipping entrepreneurs and teams to amplify productivity and thrive. We believe AI and automation will fuel innovation and efficiency – and we’re here to guide you into that future.


Vision: A World Empowered by AI

Our vision sees AI as integral to success. Tech Pilot embraces this revolution, simplifying complexities so you can transform your business with clarity and confidence. We envision a future fueled by creative problem-solving and groundbreaking strategies powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Offload the tedious, master the tools, and dominate your goals. Unleash the power of AI to amplify your work.

Empowering Innovation and Creativity

Innovation drives us. We believe in AI as a catalyst – not just a tool – for fresh thinking and solutions. Our philosophy advocates the ethical use of AI and transparency in our processes to make a genuine, positive impact.

Why Choose Tech Pilot? 

Our focus on real-world applicability sets us apart. With decades of collective expertise, our insights deliver actionable next steps to help you stay ahead. We don’t just keep pace with AI; we help you lead.

The Pioneers Behind Tech Pilot

Mihai (Mike) Bizz

With over a decade in various industries, Mike’s passion for AI and automation has shaped his entrepreneurial journey. Through Tech Pilot, he translates complex AI concepts into practical business applications, guiding you to newfound growth and efficiency.

Eimantas Kazėnas

Eimantas brings 15 years of web development and online business acumen. His insights into AI tools and digital marketing are invaluable for entrepreneurs seeking to leverage technology for success.

Our Future Vision

We are constantly evolving, expanding our offerings and reach. Tech Pilot looks beyond today’s AI capabilities to where it can take your organization tomorrow.

Join Our Exciting Journey

We invite you to engage with our community. Follow us as we guide you in this dynamic landscape, leading the way in AI and business.

Location: Mills Building, Floor 3, 220 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94104, United States

Email: [email protected]

Phone: +18552572665