Oliv AI: Because Nobody Has Time for Bad Sales Calls

The constant churn of client calls, follow-ups, and endless CRM updates can leave sales reps overwhelmed by tasks rather than nurturing relationships. Oliv AI aims to change that. This intelligent sales assistant leverages AI to streamline research, automate the busywork, and provide actionable insights so you can close more deals, faster.

While adoption of generative AI in sales is still emerging, its potential is clear. According to a Salesforce report, 61% of sales professionals believe AI will make them more efficient and improve customer interactions. Further, those already using it report it helps them serve customers faster.

Pain Points Oliv AI Addresses

  • Pre-Meeting Prep Panic: Scrambling for information on LinkedIn and company websites is a time drain.
  • Disorganized Note-Taking: Scribbled notes are hard to search and turn into follow-up steps.
  • Missed Opportunities: The best deals often hinge on understanding subtle cues and guiding the conversation in real-time.
  • Data-Blind Coaching: Sales managers lack visibility into reps’ real-time performance, making feedback reactive instead of proactive.

Ideal Use Cases

  • Sales Reps: Oliv AI simplifies your workflow, freeing you to focus on building client relationships. It generates pre-meeting briefs with relevant icebreakers, suggests questions to ask during calls, and identifies key deal indicators.
  • Sales Managers: Get deeper insights into your team’s process and deal health, empowering you to offer data-driven, targeted coaching.
  • Customer Success and Account Managers: Ensure all stakeholders stay on the same page and identify upsell or churn risks early with Oliv’s automated meeting recaps and analysis.

Oliv AI Launch on Product Hunt

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  •  Double the Fun, Double the Perks: Join Oliv through our Product Hunt link and unlock exclusive benefits—just for you!
  •  Double Your Connections: Experience Oliv joining twice as many calls during your trial.
  • Twice the Follow-Ups: Send 20 follow-ups instead of the usual 10. Keep the conversation going and make every interaction count!
  • Double the Prep: Get ready to meet your prospects with not 10, but 20 comprehensive prep dossiers. Know more, perform better!
  • Extra Time, Extra Value: We’re giving you an additional week to explore what Oliv can do for you. More time, more insights, all on us!
Oliv AI
Overall rating: 9/10
Ease of Use: 9.2/10
Integrations: 8.8/10
Functionality/Tools: 9.3/10
Pricing: 8.7/10
Starts at - $69/month.
Model - Pay per User .

Improved Efficiency: Dramatically reduces time reps spend on administrative tasks and pre-meeting research.

Actionable Insights: Identifies key moments and trends in client conversations for better follow-up and negotiation strategies.

Better Coaching: Enables managers to tailor feedback and identify areas for improvement across the sales team.


Initial Learning Curve: Fine-tuning Oliv AI's analysis to your specific sales process might take some time during setup.

Potential for Misinterpretation: Like any AI tool, results depend on data quality and context, so review of summaries is important.

  • Intelligent Meeting Prep: Oliv AI surfaces relevant background information on prospects and companies, drawing from public sources, your CRM, and advanced language processing models.
  • Real-Time Call Assistance: Get talking point suggestions, reminders, and live transcriptions to help you keep the conversation focused.
  • Insightful Post-Call Analysis: Automated summaries, highlighted action items, and deal health assessments streamline your follow-up strategy.
  • CRM Integration: Say goodbye to manual data entry! Oliv AI syncs meeting notes and insights seamlessly into your CRM.
  • Deal Progress Tracking: Identifies potential roadblocks in your pipeline, helping you stay on top of critical moments in the sales cycle.
  • Conversation Analysis: Pinpoints effective phrases, areas for improvement, and helps you understand what strategies drive successful outcomes.

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on Oliv AI

Oliv AI isn’t a magic solution for closing deals on its own. It’s a tool, and like any tool, its effectiveness depends on how it’s used. In my experience with AI in various fields, I’ve seen the best results come from a blend of human expertise and technological augmentation. Oliv AI seems designed with this philosophy in mind, yet their execution makes it a pretty effective AI Sales Assistant.

It won’t replace the salesperson’s innate ability to read a room, build rapport, or think strategically. What it can replace are those nagging distractions that derail focus. Knowing a background summary is waiting for you can free your mind during the meeting itself. Those automated notes become building blocks for smarter follow-up, not frantic scribbles you hope to decipher later.

This focus on freeing up the mental bandwidth of sales teams is where Oliv AI intrigues me. Sales, at its heart, is about human connection. Yet, the modern salesperson’s day is fragmented by technology – CRMs, email chains, research rabbit holes. Oliv AI’s promise is to consolidate those tasks, to be a bridge between the necessary tech and the valuable human element.

Time will tell if that potential fully materializes and if potential shortcomings are adequately addressed. Yet, the concept behind Oliv AI aligns with a positive trend I’m observing: the potential for AI to streamline the mundane aspects of work, leaving humans with more space to focus on what we do best – create, strategize, and connect. In a sales context, that could translate to stronger relationships, more impactful conversations, and ultimately, a win for both salesperson and customer.

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