PimEyes – AI reverse image search with the power of facial recognition

PimEyes is an inclusive face recognition search engine that leverages advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, facial recognition, and reverse image search, to aid in locating your photos across the internet. Pimeyes offer a wide range of powerful tools and features to enhance your search experience and maximize your subscription benefits.

Is the perfect tool to identify effectively the unauthorized usage of images and photos across the internet. It can be used by individuals or companies alike to identify when the images are used for copyrights infringement, identity theft or catfishing. Moreover, PimEyes offers professional service to remove the images found when requested by the users.

PimEyes Face Search Engine
Overall rating: 8.1/10
Ease of Use: 9.2/10
Integrations: 6.4/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.1/10
Pricing: 8.7/10
Starts at - $29.99/month.
Model - Pay per Search / Alerts.

Using latest facial recognition and AI technology to search across the web for images

Different subscription plans for different budgets and needs

One-Off payment option based on one time search

Offer Opt Out option for users that want to remove their personal information from Pimeyes internal systems


May not be effective for finding photos with low quality or incomplete facial features

Some individuals may not be comfortable with the use of facial recognition technology for privacy reasons

Some users may find the subscription plans to be too expensive

  • Use face recognition and artificial intelligence to search the internet for copywriting infringement, catfishing and identity theft.
  • Users get alerted when the tool will identify their photo online
  • Users can search for their image online and the tool will provide source link to the website using the image.
  • Advanced plan offers unlimited searches, 500 Alerts, Deep Search mechanism, and PDF and CSV report generation
  • Offers a range of subscription plans to meet different needs and budgets
  • Provides professional services for takedown requests for PROtect plan subscribers
  • Users can Opt-Out to remove their photos and information from the Internal database

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on PimEyes AI Reverse Image Search Engine

Overall, PimEyes is an effective facial recognition tool that offers a range of subscription options to suit different user needs. The tool is easy to use, and the company provides excellent customer support to help users navigate the platform. Whether you are a casual user or a professional who needs to manage multiple results and send takedown notices, it has a plan that’s right for you.

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