Podcastle – All-in-one AI tool for podcast creators

Podcastle AI is an innovative AI tool designed specifically for podcast creators. The tool uses advanced AI technology for sound editing and recording, automated transcription and AI Voice creators, saving podcasters hours of time and effort. With its easy-to-use interface and reliable results, AI podcast editing app is quickly becoming a go-to tool for podcasters looking to streamline their workflow.

Overall rating: 8.525/10
Ease of Use: 9.2/10
Integrations: 7.3/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.7/10
Pricing: 8.9/10
Starts at - $11.99/month.
Model - Pay per Month.

Full suite of tools created for all Podcast Creators needs.

Easy to use and intuitive interface for content creation.

Feature for collaboration and team work on larger podcast projects.

Mobile App for recording your podcast on the go.


The Web-based app can have occasional bugs.

Some users have encountered poor customer service.

  • Noise Cancellation Features for a seamless recording
  • Multi Track recording and audio enhancement
  • Audio and Video Recording features directly from an web based platform
  • Revoice – Use text to voice feature to create more content using your voice, but just with typing.
  • Convert your audio recording into text with AI Powered feature for auto transcription.
  • Royalty free music to add within your podcast

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on PodCastle AI Podcast editing app

Podcastle AI is a reliable and effective solution that can enhance, simplify, and democratize the podcasting experience. With its cutting-edge AI technology and a range of features and tools tailored specifically for podcast creators, it provides excellent value for money. If you are a dedicated podcaster seeking to optimize your workflow and produce high-quality episodes, Podcastle AI is definitely worth considering.

Podcastle is an AI-powered audio & video creation platform that helps professional and amateur podcasters create, edit and distribute production-quality podcasts with ease. The company’s mission is to democratize access to broadcast storytelling through easy-to-use tools that are professional, yet fun. – Podcastle Team

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