Give Video Content a Boost with these AI Video Enhancement Tools

The best thing about modern generative AI tools is the fact that they’ve made so many creative processes available to everyone. Now, you no longer have to pay a specialist if you need a short text, a small video edit, or anything along those lines. All you need is the right tool and a good Give Video Content a Boost with these AI Video Enhancement Tools
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Post Was Updated: March 14, 2024

The best thing about modern generative AI tools is the fact that they’ve made so many creative processes available to everyone. Now, you no longer have to pay a specialist if you need a short text, a small video edit, or anything along those lines. All you need is the right tool and a good prompt.

Some of these tools can completely up your video marketing game, provided that you pick the right platforms and have the right idea when using them. Here are some of these tools, as well as a few tips on how to handle them.

Key Takeaways

  • AI video enhancement tools: Unlock creative processes easily without needing specialist skills.
  • Play with AI: Use AI tools for effects like slowing videos or animating still images to boost engagement.
  • Script assistance: ChatGPT can help develop ideas and scripts, making content creation faster and more efficient.
  • AI voice generation: Gives videos a human touch, making content more accessible and engaging.
  • AI subtitling: Increases content accessibility, crucial for hearing-impaired viewers and silent watchers.
  • AI insights: Analyze video performance to replicate success and avoid mistakes, optimizing content for better ROI.

Play around with AI Video enhancement tools

Some of these video editing tools are outright amazing and can create visual effects that only the most skilled and talented veterans could in the past. One of the quotes regarding AI art online states that the biggest impact that generative AI tools and technology made was that so many people got to experience what it’s like to be creative for the very first time.

For someone who has already dabbled in video editing, this also opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

  • Slow down your video in the exact way you want with the right prompt
  • Make still images come to life and turn this into an animation that you’ll later incorporate into your video
  • Conjure unique sprites and images to animate a scene and get your audience a far superior engagement rate

This was always possible to do; let us not forget.  However, you had to spend hundreds of hours on courses and tutorials to play around with the tools in order to gain a deeper understanding. With these AI video enhancement tools, you just pick up the tool, watch a few videos on YouTube, and start doing the most amazing things in a matter of hours. 

Use ChatGPT to help your script

ChatGPT is an amazing tool, no doubt. The only people who complain about it are those who are too lazy to put in an effort regarding prompt and expect the tool to do it all on their own. In their mind, they just need to issue a command (in as few words as possible) and then copy/paste the result. 

This is not how it works.

First, you must understand how ChatGPT can help you with video creation. Ideally, you can use ChatGPT to help you develop an idea. You’re not cheating; you’re just doing sped-up research. Just give ChatGPT a few directions and ask it for a dozen ideas. Then, pick one.

Second, a good video needs a script. People falsely overvalue the power of spontaneity. In reality, the best videos are (secretly) scripted. You can use the AI generator to help you develop an outline of the script and then edit it slightly to be more to your liking.

You must first learn how to make decent prompts to make all of this work. Here are a few tips: 

  • Be as clear as possible: Don’t be too ashamed to talk to the generator like it’s five. Be clear about what you want and want to avoid (even give examples).
  • Don’t hold back: Take as much time as possible. The more you write, the better your prompt. Give details and examples, and even go to length to express your thoughts on the subject matter.
  • Ask again: If it doesn’t get it right on the first try, give it more info and ask again.

Once you learn how to make a good prompt, you’ll become better with other Generative AI tools, as well. 

AI voice generator to give your video a character

Some people are too lazy to read. Others prefer to just listen to something, be it podcast, music, or random videos, while going on about with their chores. Then, some prefer to hear a voice rather than straining their eyes reading.

Then again, it’s not just about laziness. Some people have trouble seeing, while others can’t see at all. By using an AI voice generator to do a voiceover or just add some narration, you’ll easily make your content available to them.

Then, there’s the issue of character. It’s easier to humanize a piece of content or a branded message when a voice delivers it. Modern voice generator is indistinguishable from real human narrator, which can give you all you’re looking for with little to no trouble.

Why is this better than hiring a voice actor? First, it’s cheaper. Second, it’s much, much quicker. You don’t have to have a dozen takes or hope they’ll have a good day and do it in the first few tries. You don’t even have to wait for them to deliver the recording, hoping they’ll honor the agreed-upon deadline. The bottom line is that this AI generator makes the entire process more self-reliant.

Aside from this, you also get a consistent brand voice. You don’t have to wait for the same voice actor to return or hope they won’t have a sore throat the next time. Everything is just simpler and cleaner this way. 

AI subtitling services to make it more accessible

Subtitles are more important than you think. Even if you want to argue that they’re not useful, they don’t create any hindrance. They don’t distract (if you’re not reading them) and don’t draw any additional resources (at least not to the degree where you can notice it).

Today, with AI subtitling services available and simple to use, there’s no excuse to avoid doing so. You no longer have to go through expensive service fees to get someone to make the subtitles.

Same as the last time, adding subtitles increases the availability and accessibility of your content. People who have trouble hearing will be able to understand what’s going on. Moreover, even if you’re using standard English, many people are used to reading or a different accent, which may make it hard for them to tell apart what’s happening.

It’s also worth mentioning that a lot of people watch videos without sound. This is especially true for mobile users, and this is not even related to whether they’re in a company or a noisy space. People simply watch mobile videos on silent. Now, if there’s content that they have to understand in the video, without subtitles, and on mute, the message may completely miss the mark.

Then again, if they want to listen to it on mute, it’s their choice. Why not just give them the option to do so?

If you’re pushing video into multiple markets with multiple native languages, a subtitle is the simplest, cheapest, and most convenient way to make it available. With AI Subtitling software, is easier than ever to reach new markets and grab new opportunities. Overall, it’s a win-win scenario.

Boosting performance with AI insights

The last thing you need to understand is that videos don’t appear in a vacuum. Even if you have a preferred formula, you need to introduce changes after you upload ten videos that flop. This is why you should use AI insights in order to track the performance of your videos, analyze your audience, and monitor sentiment. This way, you’ll know exactly how your videos perform and why. When applied on a larger scale, you can go as far as to check the ROI of all your videos and even your entire enterprise. 

First, the AI tools do more than just segment your audience. They can track their behavior and the way they interact with your content. 

  • Where did they quit, and why? 
  • What part did they replay the most? 
  • At what point did they decide to pause and share?

The reason why this is so brilliant is because it allows you to replicate your success every single time, as well as to avoid making recurring mistakes. With more audience, the insights will become more conclusive. 

The biggest difference can be seen when you make attempts to personalize content. By understanding the sentiment of your audience, you’ll have an easier job of giving them what they need. 

Remember that this doesn’t just affect the content of the video. With the right insights, you can also optimize your thumbnails and titles. As we’ve already said, videos are not made in a vacuum, and these non-content-related elements will majorly impact how the video performs.

In the past, the biggest problem was analyzing this data and getting the actual insights, but today, with modern AI analytical tools, this is no longer an obstacle.

Leveraging Generative AI tools can revolutionize your video content production

In the end, while Generative AI tools are as autonomous as they get, they still won’t do the work on their own. You still need to pick the right tools, make the right prompt, and apply all these changes the right way. Still, it’s undeniable that they make your job a lot easier than ever before. Now, you at least know how.

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