Hypotenuse AI – Artificial Intelligence for Writing, Image & Plagiarism Check

In the dynamic realm of digital content, remaining at the forefront of innovation is paramount for brands and businesses. Hypotenuse AI, an extraordinary software that employs Artificial Intelligence for writing and dares to explore the untapped possibilities of AI in crafting captivating content. Whether you’re an e-commerce trailblazer, a social media virtuoso, or a wordsmith enthusiast in blogging, this tool is engineered to unlock the full spectrum of AI’s capabilities in fueling your content creation. Join us as we delve into the key features, pros, and cons of Hypotenuse AI, providing an in-depth analysis that will assist you in determining if it aligns with your content generation aspirations.

Hypotenuse AI is going beyond the typical AI Copywriting software and it presents itself as a more round AI Content creation tool that uses Machine Learning algorithms to create compelling text content and generate images that would go with the article or text created.

Hypotenuse AI
Overall rating: 9.175/10
Ease of Use: 9.3/10
Integrations: 9/10
Functionality/Tools: 9.3/10
Pricing: 9.1/10
Starts at - $24/month.
Model - Pay per Month.

User friendly interface and good range of templates

Hypotenuse AI implements range of tools within one app: Plagiarism, Image generator and Hypochat

Easy to sign up and 7 days free trial account

Plagiarism checked implemented within the tool

Fact checker is an interesting add on that can provide "talking points" across relevant articles on the web


Limited SEO Features: While Hypotenuse AI encompasses keyword targeting within its blog post writing workflow, it may lack comprehensive search engine optimization functionalities. If SEO constitutes a primary pillar of your content strategy, it might be prudent to supplement Hypotenuse AI with dedicated SEO tools for an all-encompassing approach.

The Credit system can be confusing when is not clear the amount of words remaining (credits = words)

  • Advanced Batch Generation:  Importa vast array of products through CSV or Shopify integration, you can streamline the generation of  content
  • Organized Product Catalogs: Organize and centralize all your product information within a single hub, eliminating the need for manual updates
  • Image Generation: In-built Image generator that use NLP function to create images from text.
  • Content Detection and Fact Checking: Explore the internet for articles and topics related to your keywords in order to create “talking points” for your blogpost.
  • Plagiarism check: Hypotenuse AI implemented Plagiarism check powered by CopyScape
  • User Friendly Interface and good range of templates for social media, product description and blogging
  • Rephrase, expand, simplify or shorten your content with customized voice tone from Hypotenuse AI paraphrasing tool
  • Flexible integration with Shopify or your own API
  • Use the AI for writing Multi-language Output with over 25 languages available


Hypotenuse AI screenshot #1 Hypotenuse Features

Hypotenuse AI screenshot #2 Hypotenuse Dashboard Hypotenuse AI screenshot #3 Hypotenuse Paraphrasing

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on Hypotenuse AI

In the realm of content creation which is exponentially expanding daily, making it a more competitive market, Hypotenuse AI stands out as a platform that embraces innovation and harnesses the power of AI to enhance your creative endeavors by combining text and image creation, as well as truly valuable tools for content writers: Fact and Plagiarism checking.

With its advanced batch generation, efficient catalog management, and extensive language support, Hypotenuse AI offers a range of tools to elevate your content creation to new levels. While it may not encompass all SEO features and lacks real-time AI writing assistance, its user-friendly interface, AI art generation, and content detection capabilities make it a valuable asset in your content creation toolkit.

It offers a 7 days free trial and an affordable price point from 24 USD/month (for around 25.000 words), which comes across as good value for money.

If you would like to compare this tool with other AI content writing software, check out the tool section for problem solving, thoroughly evaluated AI powered software for different business purposes.

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