Midjourney app – Master AI Powered Digital Art

The Midjourney App has caused quite a stir in the realm of AI tools, garnering attention for its ability to win art competitions and leaving even the most seasoned art experts and professors scratching their heads in amazement. It is a true masterpiece that continues to evolve and expand our understanding of what is possible.

Midjourney App
Overall rating: 7.3/10
Ease of Use: 6.0/10
Integrations: 5.0/10
Functionality/Tools: 9.0/10
Pricing: 9.2/10
Starts at - $10/month.
Model - Pay per Images.

Creativity and Quality of generated images is incredible

Can generate high resolution images

Can creates visually stunning characters and designs for various art styles

Very high detailed images and art


It takes time to master the prompts

You cannot update or edit the result

Might be difficult to generate consistent characters across different backgrounds

Discord UX might be a bit complicated

What is Midjourney? And what are the benefits?

  • Leading artificial intelligence program and service that enables you to experiment and create digital art using natural language descriptions, called prompts.
  • Able to create any style, art form, composition, tone, depending on the details of your prompts.
  • High image resolution – It can generate images with resolutions of up to 1,792 x 1,024 pixels.
  • Creativity and level of details are just mind blowing. In second, you get incredible results.
  • A growing community of experts & enthusiasts, its great place to learn, ask questions, and become part of the journey.
Midjourney App screenshot #1 Midjourney community showcase

Midjourney App screenshot #2 Incredible detailed art generated by Midjourney app

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can you use the bot for free?
Generating an image activates the free trial. Trial users can make roughly 25 Jobs before needing to subscribe.
Can I use this tool without Discord?
No, the only way to use the tool is through a Discord chat app.
How to use Midjourney App and its prompts?

Good start for using this Art Generator is their documentation website: https://docs.midjourney.com/ .

Can you sell the generated art?

You may only use images for personal use and you must give credit to the app if you’re using a free or trial account. The created images cannot be sold or used to generate income. However, if you have a premium account, you are free to use the pictures however you like, even for profit.

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on Midjourney AI Digital Art Generator

As one of the pioneers of AI Digital art generation platforms, this tool is absolutely remarkable due to its capacities that are limited only by our imagination and prompting capabilities. Ask the right questions and the results will be absolutely amazing.

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