– Leverage AI Technology to summarize, enhance or expand your writing

In this ever-evolving digital age, the demand for tools to facilitate writing is greater than it’s ever been. Paraphrasing in particular has become a pivotal part of content creation and SEO strategies alike – making, an absolute gamechanger!

Writing technology isn’t just about bells and whistles; these days they’re essential allies that writers rely on heavily to produce quality material quickly with linguistic precision. Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning allow such software to understand text as if it were humanly composed before rephrasing or generating new copy altogether – providing users with advantages unavailable through traditional methods alone.
Overall rating: 8.75/10
Ease of Use: 8.2/10
Integrations: 9.1/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.7/10
Pricing: 9/10
Starts at - $7/month.
Model - Pay per Month.

Wide range of paraphrasing modes suitable for different needs.

Capability to paraphrase from various media types.

Advanced AI Editor for improved text refinement.

Integrated plagiarism checker.

Effective text summarizer or enhancer


Advanced features are exclusive to the premium plan

The free plan only offers three paraphrasing modes

The interface is not the most user friendly and could be hard to navigate

Blog generator is not as good as other alternatives

  • Eight Unique Paraphrasing Modes: Includes ‘Free Rewriter’, ‘Text Improver’, ‘Near Human’, ‘Plagiarism Remover’, ‘Creative’, ‘Academic’, ‘Quill Text’, and ‘Sentence Rephraser’.
  • Tone Customization: You can tailor the tone of your text to your specific audience choosing from formal, casual, professional, and witty.
  • Multi-Language Support: Choose from over 30 languages for paraphrasing.
  • Rewrite Any Sentence: Gives the freedom to rewrite any sentence in the paraphrased text.
  • Word Replacement: With its built-in thesaurus, you can easily replace any word with a more suitable synonym.
  • Integrated Web Browser: Enables simultaneous research and paraphrasing for efficient workflow.
  • Paraphrase from Multiple Media: Supports paraphrasing from text, audio files, images, and speech.
  • BabuEditor: Offers suggestions for refining your text further.
  • Plagiarism Checker: An in-built feature to detect any plagiarism in the paraphrased text.
  • Text Summarizer: Capable of generating both Original-Words summaries and AI (Near Human) summaries.
  • AI Editor: Enables rephrasing, simplification, addition of examples, expansion of ideas, and tone changes.
  • Browser Integration: Provides extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.
  • Pricing
    • Solo Paraphrasing Tool – $7/month
    • Solo Text Generation – $15/month
    • All-In-One Bundle Tools – $20/month screenshot #1 Rewording screenshot #2 Dashboard

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on is a robust and multi-faceted AI tool designed to cater to diverse writing needs. It significantly enhances the writing process through its various paraphrasing modes and unique features like an integrated web browser and BabuEditor.

Even though the free plan is somewhat limited, the premium plan unlocks a plethora of advanced features, ensuring every dollar spent is worth the value it provides. Despite minor shortcomings, is a valuable writing aid for students, writers, marketers, and professionals alike. It has successfully carved its niche in the AI writing tools market, making it a worthy choice for anyone seeking to refine their content and avoid plagiarism.

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