Outstanding AI-powered Tools for Business: August 2023 Round-up

Artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of possibility, and AI-powered tools are at the forefront of boosting efficiency and productivity for companies. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, AI tools for business have emerged as invaluable assets that allow organizations to work smarter, faster, and better. From streamlining workflows to generating actionable insights, Outstanding AI-powered Tools for Business: August 2023 Round-up
Post Was Updated: August 30, 2023

Artificial intelligence has ushered in a new era of possibility, and AI-powered tools are at the forefront of boosting efficiency and productivity for companies. As technology continues to evolve rapidly, AI tools for business have emerged as invaluable assets that allow organizations to work smarter, faster, and better.

From streamlining workflows to generating actionable insights, AI-powered tools are game changers for business operations, communication, and overall performance. Let’s dig into some of the best AI Business tools in August 2023.

This article explores some of the most impactful AI-powered tools for business that are poised to give established companies and startups alike a competitive edge. By automating time-consuming tasks, providing data-driven recommendations, and enhancing human capabilities, these AI technologies enable companies to achieve more in less time. Fundamentally, integrating AI in business trough workflows, it allows organizations to direct their human talent towards higher-value strategic initiatives, while leveraging AI’s potential to transform productivity across levels.

Leverage your Data and extract key insights with Monkey Learn

Monkey Learn is an AI-powered tool and data analytics platform designed to help businesses extract meaningful insights from unstructured data. Using advanced machine learning and natural language processing, Monkey Learn can automatically categorize, analyze, and summarize large volumes of text data. This eliminates the need for tedious manual processing, enabling companies to efficiently transform raw data into actionable business intelligence.

Specifically, Monkey Learn empowers leaders, analysts, and owners to:

  • Classify and structure customer feedback at scale
  • Identify trends and sentiment in open-ended surveys
  • Extract key information from documents and web content
  • Monitor support tickets and social media threads
  • Convert unsorted data into clear reports and visualizations

Rather than letting valuable insights remain hidden in text, Monkey Learn illuminates the key metrics, topics, and trends buried within. The platform distills complex data sources into intuitive graphics and summaries optimized for business decision making. Companies can surface real-time customer and market feedback to guide strategy.

For any business seeking to realize the full potential of its untapped data, Monkey Learn delivers the AI-powered analytics capabilities required for competitive advantage. Don’t leave your data assets stranded. Monkey Learn enables you to harness their full value.

Overall rating: 8.85/10
Ease of Use: 9/10
Integrations: 8.9/10
Functionality/Tools: 9/10
Pricing: 8.5/10
Starts at - $299/month.
Model - Pay per Month.

User-Friendly: MonkeyLearn's intuitive interface makes navigation and usage a breeze, even for non-tech-savvy users

Wide-ranging capabilities: With its extensive range of features, MonkeyLearn can handle a wide array of data analysis tasks

Customizable: The option to create custom models provides a great degree of flexibility for unique business requirements


Pricing: While MonkeyLearn offers an extensive range of features, its pricing may be a little steep for some users when compared to other market options.

Learning Curve: While the platform is user-friendly, setting up custom models does come with a slight learning curve.

Limited Pre-Built Models: Despite the option for custom models, a more extensive selection of pre-built models would improve accessibility for novice users.

MonkeyLearn screenshot #1 Homepage

  • Extensive Capabilities: Provides an array of functionalities that align with common data analysis software features. This includes APIs, customizable dashboards, data import/export, Boolean search, data discovery, and data extraction.
  • Customization: The platform also enables ad hoc analysis, reporting and querying, offers customizable branding and reporting, and supports database integration and management.
  • Text Analysis: One of MonkeyLearn’s flagship features is its text analysis capability. The platform supports sentiment analysis, keyword extraction, and category classification, making the distillation of insights from unstructured text data much easier
  • Custom Models: It¬†offers the powerful feature of creating custom Machine Learning models. This gives users the flexibility to adapt their data analysis according to their unique needs.
  • Integrations: It integrates smoothly with numerous third-party platforms such as the Zendesk Suite, RapidMiner, Google Sheets, Excel, Airtable, Zapier and much more, further enhancing its utility and flexibility.

AI in Business: Seamless automation with Active Pieces

ActivePieces is an open-source, no-code business automation platform designed with a focus on privacy and transparency. The company makes the full source code publicly accessible, providing users insight into the tool’s inner workings.

With its combination of simplicity and robust capabilities, ActivePieces aims to offer an all-in-one automation solution. The tool features an intuitive interface that allows users of all technical skill levels to easily build workflows without coding. Its unlimited workflow creation and array of app integrations enable users to automate a wide variety of business tasks and processes. In addition to the product features, ActivePieces pledges a strong commitment to users through comprehensive documentation, a public roadmap, and continuous enhancement based on user feedback. The team’s dedication to transparency and meeting user needs aims to set their platform apart.

Overall rating: 8.8/10
Ease of Use: 8.9/10
Integrations: 8.1/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.7/10
Pricing: 9.5/10
Starts at - $0/month.
Model - Pay per Actions.

Has Self-hosted option

Pricing is very competitive

Easy to use

Has Open-AI integration


Integrations are still limited but growing daily

Activepieces screenshot #1 Activepieces workflow

  • Simple User Interface: ActivePieces boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface that caters to users of all technical backgrounds. This simplicity ensures effortless navigation and interaction with the platform, enabling users to swiftly create, manage, and optimize their workflows without the need for extensive training.
  • Easy Installation using Docker: Installing and deploying ActivePieces is a seamless process facilitated by Docker. This technology streamlines the setup, minimizing complexities and technical barriers that can often accompany software installation. With Docker, users can rapidly get the platform up and running, accelerating the path to productivity.
  • Unlimited Workflows Creation: ActivePieces offers the flexibility to create an unlimited number of workflows, accommodating the diverse needs of businesses. This expansive capacity empowers users to automate various tasks, processes, and operations, ensuring scalability and adaptability to evolving business requirements.
  • No-Code Workflow Creation: Leveraging a no-code approach, ActivePieces enables users to design intricate workflows through simple drag-and-drop actions. This intuitive method eliminates the necessity for coding expertise, allowing individuals to construct complex automation sequences effortlessly, saving time and resources.
  • Easy Workflow Control: ActivePieces provides users with straightforward control over their workflows. From initiating and pausing to scheduling and duplicating workflows, users can manage their automation processes with ease. This level of control promotes agility, enabling businesses to swiftly adjust their operations as needed.
  • Task Logs: The task logs feature in ActivePieces offers valuable insights into the execution of running tasks and workflows. This transparency allows users to monitor progress, identify potential bottlenecks, troubleshoot issues, and ensure the smooth flow of operations.
  • Inclusion of 28 Apps: ActivePieces enhances its functionality by seamlessly integrating with a diverse range of 28 apps. This integration capability broadens the scope of automation possibilities, enabling users to effortlessly connect and interact with various tools, platforms, and services, ultimately optimizing their business processes.

Effective Marketing at lower costs with AdCreative AI Software

Platforms like Monkey Learn unlock insights from unstructured data to guide decisions. Tools like ActivePieces streamline workflows through seamless automation. But even the savviest strategies struggle without high-impact marketing creatives that capture attention.

This is where AdCreative AI comes in – the next-generation platform purpose-built to help businesses and marketers generate captivating ad creatives at scale. With advanced AI, AdCreative AI removes the barriers of high agency costs and slow manual processes. Now, stunning visuals optimized for performance are within reach.

Whether you’re a busy startup or an enterprise marketer, AdCreative AI puts the power of targeted video and display ads into your hands. The AI handles the heavy lifting, while you focus on strategy. Say goodbye to sky-high production budgets and hello to better results faster. Join the revolution in AI-powered advertising and propel your campaigns to new heights with AdCreative AI.

AdCreative AI
Overall rating: 8.75/10
Ease of Use: 8.7/10
Integrations: 8.9/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.8/10
Pricing: 8.6/10
Starts at - $21/month.
Model - Per Month.

Generates high-performing creatives quickly and effortlessly.

Provides recommendations for text using AI, saving time and effort.

Offers a vast library of over 35 million free images.

Analyzes and provides insights on your best performing ad creatives.

Allows you to upload your own creatives for scoring and performance comparison.

Enables collaboration with your team, fostering effective teamwork.


Some users may find the text AI feature limiting due to its character constraints. As a result, writing headlines and punchlines may be better suited to your brand's unique voice and understanding of your niche.

Reliance on AI-generated creatives may require a good understanding of your brand and marketing objectives to ensure relevance and accuracy.

AdCreative AI screenshot #1 Generate Creatives

AdCreative AI screenshot #2 Creative Insights
  • Brand Creation: Start by uploading your logo, selecting brand colors, and describing your brand to provide contextual information to the AI.
  • Creative Project Creation:
    • Select Creative Size: Choose the appropriate dimensions for your ad creative.
    • Describe Your Project: Provide details about your project, guiding the AI’s creative generation process
  • Text AI and Text Projects:
    • Text AI Button: Utilize the AI-powered text recommendations for your ad creatives.
    • Text Projects: Generate ad texts that resonate with your target audience, enhancing the impact of your messaging.
  • Image Selection:
    • Upload Background or Select an Image: Customize your ad creative by uploading your own background or choosing from a vast collection of free and premium images from the library.
  • Creative Generation: Click the generate button, and witness over a hundred ad creatives magically appear on your screen, making the process extremely easy and efficient.
  • Performance Analysis:
    • Connect Ad Accounts: Analyze your best-performing ad creatives by connecting your ad accounts on the platform and gaining valuable insights on your winning ads.
  • Creative Comparison:
    • Upload Your Own Creatives: Evaluate and score your own creatives using Ad Creative AI to understand which ones are likely to perform better, adding value to your decision-making process.
  • Collaboration and White Label Solution:
    • Team Collaboration: Invite team members to collaborate, ensuring teamwork contributes to the success of your creative endeavors.
    • White Label Solution: Customize the platform with your branding and style for a more personalized experience.

Enhance your marketing strategy with FlexClip AI Video Generator

This innovative online video maker equips companies and entrepreneurs alike to craft compelling promotional and social media videos in minutes, without expertise or expensive tools. AI in business has the ability to deliver great results at the fraction of cost for the business leaders ready to leverage the knowledge.

FlexClip AI’s extensive template library spans video formats from product demos to employee training. The intuitive drag-and-drop editor and text-to-speech generator eliminate the creative barriers of traditional video production. Teams simply customize templates to bring their unique brand vision to life.

With FlexClip AI, startups and enterprises alike can implement video marketing strategies previously out of reach. Communication and marketing teams can self-produce videos frequently and efficiently to grab audience attention. Polished video content will allow them to demonstrate products seamlessly, provide how-to, and publish engaging social media posts at scale.

Overall rating: 8.75/10
Ease of Use: 9/10
Integrations: 8.6/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.8/10
Pricing: 8.6/10
Starts at - $9.9/month.
Model - Pay per Month.

Very easy to use, even for beginners

Huge template library speeds up video creation

Solid basic editing tools

Smooth integration of media from various sources

Promising text-to-speech with many options


Free version has strict limits

Uploading media delays editing tasks

Advanced users may want more editing capabilities

Limited video content library, this could be improved

Limited usage of Stock Videos (need to pay extra for more)

Text to Video AI Generator could be improved from the perspective of language processing

FlexClip screenshot #1 Dashboard

  • Simple and Intuitive Interface: Clean, well-organized interface with media, elements, and editing tools conveniently accessible.
  • Customizable Templates: Massive template library with thousands of animated options to kickstart projects.
  • Basic Yet Effective Editing: Easy drag-and-drop editing, trimming, transitions, text tools, and more for beginner-friendly editing.
  • Media Importing: Ability to import media from local devices, cloud storage, screen recording, and webcam.
  • Text to Speech: Large selection of voices and styles for synthetic narration (still in beta).
  • Besides Video Editing and Creation, it has introduced a new suite of AI Tools: Text to Image, Text to Audio, Auto Subtitle and Background remover

Repurposing content for Instagram & Tik Tok with 2Short AI

In today’s world of shrinking attention spans, short-form video content is key to connecting with audiences. Yet creating captivating and concise video clips from longer footage requires substantial manual effort. 2Short AI eliminates this pain point through AI-powered video summarization.

This innovative platform analyzes YouTube video links and automatically generates polished, abbreviated versions complemented by accurate transcripts. Marketers can transform their existing long-form content into irresistible social media snippets that highlight key messages and keep viewers engaged. AI in business should be used as your co-pilot to become more productive and effective at your job.

With 2Short AI, generating shareable shorts from live streams, webinars, or video ads is a breeze. The tool’s AI handles the intensive editing while delivering clips optimized for platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Now brands can repurpose video assets to produce a steady stream of short-form content that resonates in today’s on-the-go digital landscape and is an easy, effective implementation of AI in business.

2Short AI
Overall rating: 8.95/10
Ease of Use: 9.3/10
Integrations: 8.5/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.9/10
Pricing: 9.1/10
Starts at - $9.9/month.
Model - Pay per Hour.

Time-Saving Automation: 2Short AI's automation eliminates the need for manual editing, significantly saving time and effort.

Captivating Audience Engagement: Shorts' high engagement make them perfect for amassing larger audiences and conveying messages visually.


Limited Video Sources: Presently, 2Short AI only supports YouTube video links, restricting use for content from other platforms.

2Short AI screenshot #1 Homepage

2Short AI screenshot #2 Dashboard
  • Sophisticated Video Analysis: Leverages AI to identify the most pivotal snippets to use for attention-grabbing shorts.
  • Spot-On Transcripts: Produces highly accurate transcripts for each short, improving accessibility and SEO.
  • Seamless YouTube Integration: Integrates seamlessly with YouTube for simplified short creation.
  • Time-Saving Automation: Eliminates tedious manual editing, saving significant time.
  • Captivating Audience Engagement: Enables creators to grow audiences and convey messages visually with highly engaging shorts.

Turn leads to closed deals with Winn AI Sales platform

In today’s competitive sales landscape, creativity and personal relationships drive success. Yet administrative tasks devour precious selling time, obstructing deal flow and productivity. Winn.ai tackles this issue head-on with innovative AI tailored for sales teams’ needs.

By automating manual processes, Winn.ai liberates salespeople to focus on their strengths – engaging customers, expanding pipelines, and closing deals. The platform handles the busywork while reps build relationships that drive growth.

With Winn.ai’s AI assisting with lead enrichment, email sequencing, activity tracking, and CRM upkeep, teams regain the bandwidth to nurture deals proactively. Reps can devote their energy to nurturing leads, crafting personalized outreach, and building rapport, instead of falling behind on data entry. Leverage one AI sales platform for multiple advantages.

Overall rating: 8.875/10
Ease of Use: 9.2/10
Integrations: 8.7/10
Functionality/Tools: 8.9/10
Pricing: 8.7/10
Starts at - $59/month.
Model - Pay per User.

Real-time playbook monitoring enhances overall sales execution.

Auto data capture and one-click CRM updates streamline operations and save valuable time.

Easy to use and implement in your workflow

Powerful Features - simple yet effective


As a relatively fresh addition to the market, there may be initial challenges and room for improvement

The platform may not support CRM systems beyond Salesforce and HubSpot

Could be expensive for startups and small companies

Website design could be a bit too cartoon-y

Winn.ai screenshot #1

  • Active Monitoring & Comprehensive Playbook Implementation: With Winn.ai, you can rest easy knowing your sales strategy is being followed. The platform facilitates live tracking and reporting of playbook adherence, making continuous supervision a thing of the past.
  • Auto Response Logging: Winn.ai places a premium on active listening by automatically recording customer responses, freeing your representatives to concentrate wholly on the ongoing discussion.
  • Maintain CRM with Single-Click Updates: Tidying up your CRM records is easy with Winn.ai. The platform skillfully gathers crucial information from sales calls and updates your CRM with a single click.
  • Live Playbook Monitoring: The platform maintains a close watch on your AE’s conversations, offering real-time updates on the talking points covered and those still pending.

Are those the best AI-powered tools from August 2023?

While it’s impossible to definitively claim these as the absolute best AI Business tools this August, the platforms covered in this article represent extremely valuable capabilities for businesses. The tools highlighted exemplify how AI can drive tangible benefits across key functions when applied thoughtfully.

For marketers, AdCreative AI and FlexClip AI lower the barriers to producing high-quality, high-performing ad creatives and promotional videos. Data-driven leaders can unlock insights from unstructured content using Monkey Learn’s AI-powered data analytics. Those focused on automation can streamline workflows with ActivePieces no-code platform. And sales teams gain an edge with Winn.ai’s AI arsenal tailor-made for optimizing sales processes.

Rather than crowning any single “best” tool, the core takeaway is that AI unlocks immense potential across industries when thoughtfully implemented. These solutions demonstrate how teams can work smarter, faster and better by augmenting human talent with AI capabilities. While the field continues to rapidly evolve, these tools represent some of the most promising AI applications for business available today.

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