– Smart AI Calendar App to stay organized and save valuable time

In the relentless pace of the modern workplace, mastering your calendar is essential to maintaining focus, achieving goals, and reducing stress. offers an intelligent solution to optimize scheduling around your top priorities and strengthen positive habits. With automated time blocking, seamless task integration, and habit tracking, this AI-powered calendar aims to help users regain control and reach new levels of productivity.
Overall rating: 9/10
Ease of Use: 8.9/10
Integrations: 8.8/10
Functionality/Tools: 9.3/10
Pricing: 9/10
Starts at - $8/month.
Model - Pay per User.

Intuitive Onboarding: Guides users through prioritizing work hours, habits, and preferences for a seamless transition.

Clear Visualization: The Planner view provides an organized overview of upcoming tasks, habits, and focus time.

Customization and Control: Granular settings allow users to optimize scheduling around their unique needs and preferences.

Seamless Integration: Reduces manual effort by automatically coordinating with popular task apps.

Habit Strengthening: Scheduling habits and tracking progress helps users build positive routines.


Limited App Integration: Currently supports integration with major task apps, but some users may want broader compatibility.

  • Smart Time Blocking: automatically blocks off time for your most critical work based on your ideal work hours, protecting your focus time.
  • Calendar Integration: It seamlessly integrates with your existing calendars like Google to provide a comprehensive view of your commitments.
  • Habit Tracking: allows you to schedule habits directly into your calendar, providing tracking and reminders to help strengthen routines.
  • Customization: Offers options to tailor habits to your needs, including ideal timing and flexibility preferences for intelligent scheduling.
  • Task Management Integration: Supports linking with apps like Asana and Trello to automatically schedule tasks and ensure important deadlines are met.
  • Meeting Optimization: Empowers better meetings by rescheduling recurring meetings to find the best recurring time slot.  screenshot #1 Use Cases

Tech Pilot’s Verdict on – AI Calendar App

In our increasingly busy world, a disorganized calendar only fuels fatigue and frustration. When every minute counts, scattered focus time and spotty habits can derail even the most motivated. offers a lifeline for taking back control amidst the chaos.

By automating the tedious calendar tasks that so often fall through the cracks, lets you reclaim mental space for the work that truly matters. No longer constantly reshuffling meetings or forgetting to block focus time until it’s too late. Habits turn into daily rituals rather than abandoned aspirations when effortlessly built into your schedule.

The result is days that truly align with your priorities, not work against them. lifts the burden of calendar management off your overloaded shoulders so you can do more of the meaningful work that drew you to entrepreneurship. Discover what’s possible when your calendar finally works for you, not against you. lets you optimize each minute to make progress on your most important goals and re-energize yourself.

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